Art Exhibit

"The artist vocation is to send

light into the human heart." George Sand








Artist Representation


Analytic Reporting



Using the latest studies, findings, and convention gives me the best insight into your market.


By gathering online user profiles, social media allows me to start conversations with only those who are most interested in conversing back with you.

Discover valuable insights about your audience that can be turned into strategic action resulting in sales.

Content Cultivation

By using a variety of search methods, I am able to gather all the relevant information that positions your work at the forefront of the art market.

VideoSliders for Social Posts

Video Sliders for Social Media Posts


Videos have not only become an inseparable part of our personal lives but also a valuable tool for our business promotion. This is what video marketing statistics show. 83% of marketers say that videos help generate more leads.  More 2022 details on why video should be a part of your strategy here

Brands search for universal content to 

utilize features in their products to improve product delivery and engagement. I use the same method when reaching into the art market. 


Video Sliders include:

-1 hour photoshoot

-Customized URL with Brand Image

-Embeddable videos for web and social

-Video integration to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


-Music available

-You may choose up to 12 images per video

-Copyright free content




Once I gather all the data, profiles, vision, and goals, the next thing to do is create a SMART strategy with little room for error to ensure proper execution.


My strategies are effective because they are specific in their scope, context, design, and timeline.


It is difficult to create marketing strategies that inspire millions... good thing I love a challenge. 

With the ever-changing market, I make strategies that are agile and flexible to stay ahead of the competition.


Visual Content


I pride myself on engaging vivid design that elegantly offers balance and simplicity, allowing your work to express its message in the most effective way.

When I engage people with images, they are able to grasp much more of your message. After I completed 4 years of design school and initiated my graduate work in Visual Art Administration with New York University I understood more fully how to align content, message and meaning, I can confidently say that leveraging your goals with design is the first step to success. "We live in the age of visual culture and the use of design is critical to your overall strategy." - Maria


I will work with your to create engaging designs that inspire the world. This includes use of The Adobe Creative Suite, CMS, and Digital campaign strategy.

Reducing visible clutter in your marketing media eliminates mental clutter for your customers, which increases your professionalism, engages more viewers, and improves viewers' ease of use.




I use the most advanced web and application development technologies to build you the most robust assets with maximal efficiency and utility.

Working with your team, I can develop a creative and competitive solution to position you to the global market place. 

Social PR

If you can think of it, I can make it.

The crucial element of this stage is the quality of a functioning deliverable that meets your needs. I develop original content to ensure foolproof positioning that bolsters your work.

Artist Representation

Community Building

It is important to have a strong, passionate leader when building a community - someone that is visually and contextually able to engage people.


I help you leverage your work and other forms of media to keep the attention of your clients and to continue to secure venues, exhibitions and increase in sales.


Tap into my network of arts professionals and organizations. Begin building your community through leaders waiting to inspire people in the name of your work.

I stay on top of the trends in your industry so your community's social information content stays educated and relevant, and I post thoughtful material to your community every day.



I have had the opportunity to build brand and story for organizations and apply it in a way that is truly capable of inspiring the world.


I make it absolutely clear how your work is going to make an impact in the world by realigning purpose, beliefs, vision, and strategy.


I cultivate that passion, and I bring it to life.

I provide quality design that represents your work across all public-facing areas of the on-line world.

Analytic Reporting

Analytic Reporting

I use in-depth analytics to make sure that my work is driving results, and if they aren't, I know how to adapt at an early point in the campaign.

Progress Reporting

By understanding where you are now and where you want to go, I can clearly define your progress.

Goal Tracking

I understand market trends and how to leverage these trends for Growth!

Establishing a timeline allows us to set goals that will be reported weekly so I can best represent your work, keep you informed, and track milestones.