Cultured Social
is my creative digital marketing portfolio. I have over 10 years of experience working within a variety of sectors to provide creative marketing solutions, from campaigns to developing communities.  All to support your vision. My work with major brands, non-profits, and cultural institutions provides me the experience and insight to achieve your goals.



It's essential to know what matters to those with whom you would like to engage. I help you reach that demographic.


Formerly the YouTube Specialist with Cisco Systems, I use my experience to create content to highlight your goals. This includes editing, sound applications, and storyline. 


I look at the factors that have put your work where it is and then build an effective route to take it where you want it to go. 


Working with Adobe Creative Suite, I design original content to best present your work to clients and markets.

Website design

 I maintain crystalline transparency and provide immediate & constant communication during your project.

Community Representative

Acting as your liaison, I work on your behalf to communicate with your demographic using listening tools and social media aggregates. 


 I take the steps needed to ensure your brand makes the impact you want.

Analytic Reporting

I provide analytics to reveal trends, refine processes, and redirect future strategic steps toward your goals.