Maria's work samples

I worked with Cortiglia to renew their brand image on social by first redesigning each platform. This image is from before I worked on the Cortiglia project. 

This is what I designed for Coriglia. The approach was to bring a focus on the  sport and the product as fashion. Today Cortiglia bags are carried by many an ace. 

I developed original copy for the Artisan Bowl Series. Each bowl was inspired by the music from the originating country. This was a very flavorful project! 

The Rise of the Ready Meal!

I coordinated editing of the  the ingredients panel with federal approval agencies.

Tough stuff! 

The Zen Community was just getting off the ground when I joined. This is the welcome gift I pitched for the Ambassador program. 'Gift of Zen'

3 cups


Worked on package design


original copy

for the line of Entrées

Added the global element through the use of passport stamps 

In 2017, I was invited to take the Nordic Naturals Social Media Challenge. I developed a nine page strategy addressing a variety of items. These samples were my favorite .  I won the chance to interview and ultimately got hired to develop content for their brand. 

For this challenge, I built a mini-strategy around the men's health products. It just happened to line up with Iron Man, so I incorporated brand elements, using their design guidelines to create Facebook samples. I had a great time with this project, and their team is great! 

This post focuses on challenging oneself, the movement of showcasing who you become as a result of using the line of Ultimate Sport products. 

This post showed a well balance of color, design and copy.

I also love that Nordic Naturals has a meditation room onsite! 

This is my pup Aacha the Chihuahua! She made it to the Nordic Naturals Pet Post. I designed this post with love because she is a real promoter of Omega 3s for dogs and cats. Her over all health and energy has improved.  As you can see, her coat is beautiful. She makes a great addition to the Nordic Pet Family. 

I worked with Sofia University in Palo Alto as their Social Media Specialist for four months in 2017.  I created their strategy, designed original content, developed a website for their onsite clinic, provided analytics reports, and created original videos promoting their four schools. This sample had no paid attributes, and it reached over

10, 000 people in two weeks. 

Sofia University is pioneering unique programs through a well-planned blend of technology, science, and business.  With the school's 40 years of leadership in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, graduates can create a substantial, real-world impact. It was a wonderful experience to work with their professors to create curriculum content, workshops, and symposiums. This video is a snapshot into the four schools, incorporating a bit of mythology and growth. It was successful and captured viewers attention.  I grew this Facebook channel to over 13,000 users in a four month period. 

I worked with the professor who hosts healing circles at the university to create original content for his various workshops and shaman journey circles hosted at Sofia University.

This is a sample Facebook post for his monthly journey circle. 

I designed a new website for the Sofia Health and Wellness Clinic. In addition, I  redesigned the main university website.

This is the Linkedin  page for the university. I increased the population to over 3,000 while working on the redevelopment of the university website. 

I created a series of culturally diverse posts, promoting the university and the various schools within the main university.